PJ's Gourmet Market

PJ's Gourmet is your premier source for local foods, imported delicacies and the best deli in town.

The PJ's Gourmet Market Experience

From the moment you enter PJ's Gourmet Market you quickly realize you have entered a market unlike any other in Durango.  Your eyes scan the openness to find the meat counter straight ahead, deli salads, deli meat and cheese to the left and of course an amazing display of pastries and sweets.  Where to begin?  After all, you just came in for a tube of toothpaste….

PJ Features Local Produce

At PJ's Gourmet Market we offer an amazing selection of everyday groceries as well as many unique treats.  From breads to snacks, fresh fruit to flowers, pickles to ice cream, tomato paste to toothpaste, we have everything you need.  We feature local items such as coffees from Durango Coffee Company, Dessert Sun and the Steaming Bean; chips from the Chip Peddler; sodas from Zubberfizz and Rocky Mountain Sodas; salsas from the Durango Diner; treats from Honeyville; fresh baked bread from Bread and many more.  We also feature our own unique line of PJs Gourmet Snacks!

The Best Quality Meats and Seafood

Stop by the butcher counter to find the best quality meats, poultry and seafood in town. The butchers are the most experienced you will find and are adamant about giving our customers the best product possible.  Anything from helping pick the right cut of meat, to the best way to prepare and present a dish, to cutting and ordering specific items for your cooking needs, they are here to help.  How do you make holiday plum pudding?  What cut is best for beef bourguignon? Trained professionals are here to answer these and any questions you may have.

A Variety of Cheeses And Pastries

Visit the deli for ready to eat entrees, salads and sides.  A variety of fresh offerings such as bacon bleu-cheese potato salad, spinach chicken and pasta salad, broccoli salad, chicken cordon bleu, herb crusted tilapia, rotisserie chickens and sandwiches made with Columbus meats and cheeses are just some of our items.  When you are ready to indulge your sweet tooth, come to the pastry case where you will find treats too good to resist.

Local owners, Joe and Pam Leder, invite you to come out to Trimble Crossings and experience this market and enjoy all it has to offer.  Open Monday through Saturday 7:00 am to 9:00 pm and Sunday 8:00am to 8:00PM.


Payment: AmEx, Visa, MC, cash, local checks and food stamps