Doc's Marina

Lake Vallecito's all inclusive marina offers boat & slip rentals, monthly mooring and more!

Good Fun, Good Service at Doc's Marina!


              Turn off the TV and turn on the adventure! Vallecito Recreation area is the place to celebrate life the-Rocky-Mountain way, and, the place to start is Doc’s Marina. Doc’s is the hub for all activities involving the main attraction: THE LAKE! Whether or not you have a vessel, an hour or a week, all of you and your family’s aquatic dreams begin here.

               Doc’s Marina has a plethora of ways to get out on the water, from the thrill of the catch aboard “The Pike Slayer” to carving your way behind a ski boat, you are bound to feel a sense of awe. After all, it seems a bit surreal to be soaking in the sun or water at 8,000 feet above sea level, with a backdrop of snow-covered mountain peaks in the distance. This body of mountain-fed water is as fresh as it gets and the fish like it too. Plenty of Pike, Trout, Bass, Walleye, and Salmon call Lake Vallecito “home.”

               Be the hero and make someone’s day! The next time you plan to commemorate a special date, consider renting a 12-person pontoon boat for a fun-filled day on the lake. Afterwards, head back into the marina to cook up your fresh catch on one of Doc’s “floating” deck BBQ grills! The deck is also available for private party rentals.

               Ornithologists, aka, bird nerds (said with affection) and shutterbugs unite! Be it by canoe, paddle or power boat, one-hundred-foot Ponderosa Pines with Osprey nests as big as your tent, some visible only by boat, are waiting for you! Osprey included... There’s a good chance you’ll also see Great Blues, Mountain Blue Birds, Cliff Swallows, Bald Eagles and Northern Flickers along the 12 miles of shoreline, too.

               Your four-legged friend is welcome aboard pontoon boat rentals for an additional fee. Call for reservations and be sure to ask about our half-price discount days. Marine gas is included in all rental boats. Bon Voyage!



Set Sail on Vallecito Lake

          Set sail in Vallecito and leave your worries behind. Doc’s Marina offers self-service slips and moorings for your sailboats, houseboats, and powerboats by the night, week, or month. Experienced dockhands are ready and willing to assist you with fueling and with docking. Bring your “pic-a-nic basket” and eat out on the sparkling waters, or get a flavor of this unique little community by eating at one of the local hangouts. Beware! “Lakees” have a strong play ethic, and you may be charmed into staying longer than anticipated. A day can easily become a week!

          Do not forget your hiking boots, bicycles, horses, and waders! The San Juan National Forest beckons with all sorts of recreational activities for all ages.

Boat Rentals: (Fuel included)

  • 14' & 16' Fishing Boats: "The Pike Slayer" & "The Trout Slayer"
  • 21', 24' & 25' Pontoon Boats
  • Ski Boat
  • Canoes
  • Paddle boats
  • Paddle boards

Doc’s Marina Rental prices

(970)-884-9450 Reservations

(970)-884-9477 on location

Open 7AM-7PM

Pontoon     #of people           2hrs            4hrs            8hrs

21ft                      8              $127.00     $217.00     $357.00

25ft                    12              $177.00     $267.00     $397.00

24ft                              12               $200.00     $317.00     $475.00

Sport Boats ………………2-hr………4-hr………8hr………

Ski Boats            6               $245.00     $350.00     $500.00

Trout Slayer       6              $75.00       $140.00     $250.00

Pike Slayer         6               $70.00       $130.00     $230.00

S.S. Minnow      6              $70.00       $130.00     $230.00


Fishing Boats $25.00 an hour or 8 hour $175.00

Fuel is Included on all of Docs boats

$20.00 Dog fee on pontoons only


Monthly Mooring Prices………………………………….

Up to 16’                                         $110.00 Monthly

Up to 21’                                         $125.00 Monthly

Over 21’                                          $150.00 Monthly

Self Service for one month             $275.00 Monthly

Self Service slips                            $200.00 2 or more months

Slip fee nightly                               $30.00

Buoy Nightly                                  $15.00

Buoy Weekly                                  $75.00

Slip weekly                                     $130.00

Fuel is included on all of Doc’s Boats


Peddle boat………………………..$ 15.00 per hour

Kayaks and all man powered boats $ 15.00 per hour



Monthly Mooring Rates

Sailboats, Power and Houseboats welcome!

Vessels up to 16 foot:    $110.00/month

Vessels up to 21 foot:    $125.00/month

Vessels over 21 foot:     $150.00/month

Self Service Slips:          $275.00 for ONE month

Self Service Slips:          $200.00 for TWO or more months

Self Service Slip:            $ 30.00 for ONE NIGHT

Self Service Slip:            $130.00 for ONE WEEK

Bouy Rental:                 $ 15.00 for ONE NIGHT

Bouy Rental:                 $ 75.00 for ONE WEEK


Live Webcam of Lake Vallecito


Happy Memorial Day!!! Bring the family up to the marina for the day and enjoy the relaxing setting of the lake.