The Coffee Cause

The Coffee Cause is an organization offering some of the freshest, tastiest coffee on earth, while giving a voice to those without...

The Coffee Cause

              The Coffee Cause is as much a labor of love as it is the combined passions of two animal lovers, whose dreams reach as high as the Rocky Mountains. Our newly founded organization serves two purposes: making fresh, delicious coffee available and affordable to all and giving a voice to those without...

               "Cups for Pups" is a way of spreading the shocking truth behind the legal practice of PUPPY MILLS and other businesses whose sole purpose is to make money, while exploiting animals. We aspire to promote all the extraordinary animal rescue groups working from the heart to save, and more importantly, GIVE LIFE to these defenseless beings.

               After searching and sampling beans from around the world, we discovered what we consider the best tasting coffee blends. We have Rainforest Alliance Certified coffees from Nicaragua and Brazil and shade grown roasts from South and Central America. We feel we have earned our connoisseur badge and want to share our culmination of time and energy with coffee lovers from sea to sea and peak to peak.

               Our mission is to make the best roasted whole bean coffee available, attainable to all, while raising awareness and support for puppy mill rescue and other animal rescue orgainzations. Our dream is to make puppy mills illegal and to make cruel animal breeding practices a crime. Our dedication is to all the beautiful souls living their entire lives in small wire cages in isolation, in deplorable conditions, in fear and without medical care.

              Thank you for passing our cup for pups! Your purchase will help us meet our goals. Please visit us on Search keywords: NO PUPPY MILLS and Puppy Mill Rescue for more information.

                “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated,” Mahatma Gandhi.

Purchase our Coffee & Support the Cause

    At this time, we are offering six varieties of coffee. They are vacuum sealed in foil bags, roasted and are organic whole bean, rain forest and fair trade alliance friendly. Cost: $12.00 each or try all six for $70.00 plus shipping and handling. You may choose from Fed-X Ground or USPS. Please go to or directly to our store: to order our coffee.

    Thank you for passing the "Cups for Pups."

1. Pippa's Passion    (Pippa is shown in bottom photo) 

A blend of delicately roasted Rain forest Alliance Certified coffees from Nicaragua and Brazil, produce a sweet (hint of chocolate), medium bodied, balanced cup of coffee with mellow acidity. "Pip Pip Hurray!"

2. Stelly's Bean    (Stella is shown in slide show)

This medium/dark roast united Hawaiian, South and Central American coffees to produce a smooth, rich taste with a slight floral aroma. This farmer's market medley is blue ribbon material!

3. Mav's Mid-Day Crisis Cure . . .  is not available at this time. (Shown in slide show)

4. Neddy's T-Storm Snuggler       (Meet Ned in slide show)

A rich dark roast with a velvety smooth finish made from blends from the best Sumatra and Central American coffees. this cozy companion with soothe your soul.

5. Sailor Sid's Winning Cup      (Sidney is shown in slide show)

A unique blend of Shade Grown Central American Coffees joining lighter roasts and darker roasts. The result is a rich caramel, sweet chocolate, medium body, well-balanced and hearty cup.

6. Nelly's Hair of the Dog      (Meet Nelly in slide show)

An Italian espresso, with an Indonesian component, create an elite taste that can be used in espresso-based beverages or for straight shots. Exclusively crafted to unite dark, sweet chocolate flavors with smoky earthiness, producing that necessary espresso tang.

7. Rocky Mountain Roast     (Meet Rocky by clicking Shih Tzu Rescue under slideshow)

An earthy blend of fine Central American coffees skillfully merged to produce a smoky dark roast ready for drip brew or espresso drinks. This roast is guaranteed to make you get up and dance! See Rocky bust a move on our facebook page.


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