Eck Media

If it's right for our client, it's right for us. We're a team of dedicated professionals who comprehensively serve local businesses' online presence needs and more.

Client Focus

We work comprehensively with our clients’ online presence. We utilize a disciplined approach with a document that lists the 15 Internet Marketing Issues that our research shows are important for clients to address. We are supported by a team of dedicated professionals whose expertise enables us to provide this high level of service. We deliver this here in the greater Durango, CO area in a highly personalized way. Our clients appreciate the thorough interviewing process utilized in order to understand their goals and objectives. The monthly analytics reports provided establish a track record so we may monitor results in comparison with their goals. These come in handy during our annual reviews where we formulate goals and objectives for the coming year.



Cost Savings thru Education

Eck Media is focused on passing cost-savings and efficiencies to small businesses by empowering business owners and employees alike to execute ongoing content management. This is achieved by passing the baton to those who know a small business's customers best - those on the front lines! Our FREE monthly classes are open to all. Click here for a syllabus. This system has proven to be most effective in small businesses with tighter margins.

How It Works

The barrier of knowledge required to revise content is lowered considerably with the Content Management System employed by Eck Media. Additionally, ongoing training and education provides added value to the relationship for our clients. If a client's highly-trained employee leaves, onsite education is available to bring the new employee up to speed in addition to sending them to the FREE, ongoing monthly classes. A monthly analytics report allows a business to establish a track record of what’s working or not working during certain timeframes. Free subscription to the weekly Twitter feed and monthly eNewsletter are added services which raise the level of quality and overall value of the relationship for our clients.