Durango Roller Girls

The Durango Roller Girls Association represents Durango's baddest, hardest-hitting roller derby girls - come to a Bout to experience the fun!

All About The Durango Roller Girls

The Durango Roller Girls (DRG) are an all-female women's flat track roller derby league based out of breathtaking Southwest Colorado.

DRG is skater-owned, operated, and not-for-profit, hoping someday to become an official league of the Women's Flat Track Derby Association.

We are truly by the players, for the players.  DRG treats roller derby as a serious sport: We are not a recreational roller derby league. DRG ladies train hard and live derby. We take pride in our professionalism and athletic skill.  We provide a safe environment for strong, dedicated women to come and learn about their strengths, get physically fit, have a good laugh, and feel part of something - All while playing a truly contact sport.

A DRG lady recognizes and appreciates each woman's accomplishments, and what she can bring to the league, as each of us - no matter our size, skill level and ability - has something great to offer.


For general information and questions about the Durango Roller Girls, please email info@durangorollergirls.com.

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